About us

At Logistics Junction we focus on technology, efficiency and service quality, thereby creating economical, reliable and professional haulage solution of trucking for freight industry..

Logistics junction is an E- portal to provide on demand truck transport .Ensure faster & trustworthy logistics services between short & long haulage. Ensure order transparency, real-time consignment tracking, and security to meet the end-to-end logistics requirements of our clients/ customers.


Organise, simplify and efficient logistics by use of advancements in technology.


Technology Driven

Creation of a technology driven market place for logistics industry.

Bridge the Gap

Bridge the gap among transporters & companies through a reverse bidding platform.

Providing Value Added Services

Vehicle Owners: Increased Freight Realisation, Increased Occupancy by ensuring “Return Loads”, Discounted Spare parts & consumables, Transparent bidding process, Credit Rated Companies.

Drivers: Pit-stops at LJ Lounge for resting & eatables, Comfortable Transport Journey.

Company: Competitive Pricing, Multiple Transporters under one roof, KYC Verified Transporters/Truckers, Security of Goods through Insurance.