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E Way Bill

The E-way Bill is Being Seen as a Solution  to prevent GST Evasion.  Logistics Junction explains How?

Electronic Way Bill (E-Way Bill) is basically a compliance mechanism wherein by way of a digital interface the person causing the movement of goods uploads the relevant information prior to the commencement of movement of goods and generates e-way bill on the GST portal.

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5 ways to transport goods at low cost

India's road network is the second-largest in the world only after USA having approximately 4.7 million kilometers of roads which has around 8 million transportation vehicles traveling on their path at any given point.

Road transportation accounts for about 6% of India’s GDP. Still, these industries such as are affected by various inefficient services such as, corruption, accidents and poor services. Also, the fact that, all the businesses run entirely on trust which most companies have a terrible record of keeping specially when it comes to providing new technological facilities like package tracking etc.

One of the major problems is maintaining the low cost while matching the needs of the market and the needs of both supplier and customer ends.

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Exploring logistics in developing markets of Asia


In the ever-changing and developing markets, industry such as logistics activities involves a range of challenges as well as innumerable opportunities to grab and flourish upon. Logistics Junction in Indian market is developing a niche in similar challenging logistics market.

Opportunities revolve around the fact that the developing markets continuously experience economic growth at a splendid speed and the resulting increase in trade and commerce which eventually increases demand for transportation services for the companies like Logistics Junction in India.

There are many challenges in different variations, with the top three problems consistently being infrastructure limitations, procedures and methods involving the bureaucratic regulations and a shortage of the skilled personnel. The poor remuneration resulting from poor utilization rate attracts less people to the industry , Logistics Junction bring about a change in that.

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Top 5 Suggestions to improve Warehouse Management

Warehouse has been one of the main focal points for the logistics industry and the transportation companies. It connects all the points of contacts and hence it needs to be at the top of the game in all the scenarios and especially in the managements of it.

For any management, there are a few points that need to be covered to get the better of the situations at hand, example points:

  • Focus on receiving right stock
  • Apply logic to pick processes
  • Reorganization whenever needed
  • Timely quality control
  • Safety measures for the warehouse
  • Appropriate lighting in the warehouse
  • Well trained staff for the goods transport
  • Using the correct software as per needs


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Benefit of automation in supply chain management, logistics and road transport.

The global supply change industry is at the continuous growth and it is ever changing with the advances of technology in logistics and road transportation.